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June 15 - 30
The Merchant of Venice
by William Shakespeare
a guest production from The Rude Mechanicals All that glitters is not gold. So warns Shakespeare that all may not be as we think in one of his most controversial yet increasingly relevant plays. In a mythically splendorous city full of wealth and celebration, injustice and cruelty lurk beneath the surface. One Jewish man, tired of his repeated abuses and losses, is presented with an opportunity to make Venice confront its own hate and hypocrisy. What follows is a dark series of events that challenges our understanding of right and wrong and forces us to examine what we might see if we could look past the glister and the gold.

July 6 - 15
Black Coffee
a guest production from Thunderous Productions

July 20 - 29
a guest production from 7th Street Playhouse

All shows start at 8pm unless otherwise stated. For reservations or more information call 301-441-8770.
Greenbelt Arts Center, 123 Centerway, Greenbelt MD 20770
Greenbelt Arts Center is a 100-seat blackbox theater, with plenty of free on-site parking.
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