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Death By Design

by Rob Urbinati
directed by Ann Lowe-Barrett

What happens when you mix the brilliant wit of Noel Coward with the intricate plotting of Agatha Christie? Set during a weekend in an English country manor in 1932, Death by Design is a delightful and mysterious "mash-up" of two of the greatest English writers of all time.

With: Win Britt, Colin Davies, Ali Kamara, James McDaniel, Jenn Robinson, Shelley Rochester, Sarah Scott, and Jill Vanderwelt

November 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22 at 8:00
November 9, 16, and 23 at 2:00

Ticket prices: $20 General Admission, $16 Students/Seniors/Military, $12 Youth (12 and under with adult)

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Review from DC Metro Theater Arts

Opens December 5:

A (Comic) Christmas Carol

A guest production by The Renaissance Man
December 5-7

A marvelous way to spend a holiday evening, especially for those that have always enjoyed the classic tale and wondered what it might be like to step in Scrooge's shoes even if it is just for one performance.

Friday & Saturday at 8:00, Sunday at 2:00

Ticket prices: $20 General Admission, $16 Students/Seniors/Military, $12 Youth (12 and under with adult)

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Auditions for Evil Dead: The Musical, will be held at the theater, on
Tuesday, December 9 and Wednesday, December 10, at 7:00. Callbacks, if needed, will be Thursday, December 11.
Director Jeffery Lesniak, with music director Paul Nahay and choreographer Rikki Howie Lacewell, are casting 5 men and 4 women, to play college-age.

Rehearsals are Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and either Saturday or Sunday.
Performances run March 6-28.
All roles are open and unpaid.

Please prepare a song, we prefer one from a rock-style musical. Bring sheet music, an accompanist will be provided. Auditions will also consist of readings from the script, as well as learning a short dance sequence.


(Baritone, C#3-Bb4) The hero and iconic character of the musical. This devoted S-Mart housewares employee evolves over the course of the show from a cowardly college student to a wise-cracking deadite slayer with his detachable hand chainsaw and 12-gauge "boomstick". Must be tall, in good shape, and good looking.
(Soprano, A3-E5) The prototypical girl next door. Linda is sweet, thoughtful, and completely devoted to Ash, until she turns evil and tries to kill him. She laughs an annoyingly inordinate amount of time after transforming.
(Alto, G3-F#5) Ash's sister and the odd woman out in the group. Looking to spend a week relaxing, she is the recepient of Scotty's jokes and torment. The only one to sense the evil surrounding the cabin, she is the first to be possessed, turning her into an aggressive, foul-mouthed demon that speaks in very bad puns. Spends the majority of the show locked in the cellar.
(Tenor, D3-G4) Good looking, cocky, a prankster and Ash's best friend. Thinks himself the brave one until he's forced to kill, then his panic leads him to flee. He returns to warn Ash about the woods and attempts to help his friend even as he is knocking on death's door.
(Alto, B3-A5) Beautiful, easy, and not too smart. She is Scotty's latest fling and looking to party. Just because she becomes an evil demon doesn't mean she can't look good doing it. (Possible double with Annie)
(Alto, B3-A5) The overbearing, sexy explorer who finds missing pages to the Necronomicon and wants to reunite with her father to continue their research. Very bossy and drawn to Ash. Must be comfortable in a tear-away revealing costume.
(Bass, A2-F#4) Annie's coworker, boyfriend, and doormat. He travels with her to the cabin to proceed with their research of the Book of the Dead. After turning evil, his confidence may lack, but this Bit Part Demon is ready to sing! (Doubles Moose, a possessed moose head on the wall of the cabin.)
(Baritone, G#2-F#4) Stereotypical back-woodsman and reliable enough to help Annie and Ed find their path to the cabin, but too stupid and stubborn to listen to reason that will keep him alive.
Fake Shemp
(minimal ensemble singing) This character plays every part not played by another actor. They will be "the hand", Linda's decapitated head, the ghost of Annie's father, a possessed tree, and more.


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Greenbelt Arts Center programs are supported in part through grants from the City of Greenbelt and the Maryland State Arts Council, and gifts from other generous donors. We thank them for their continued support.

All shows start at 8pm unless otherwise stated. For reservations or more information call 301-441-8770.
Greenbelt Arts Center, 123 Centerway, Greenbelt MD 20770
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